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February 15th, 2013 - Chris Marshall
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Just back from a bik e ride to blow the cobwebs away from the last ALStrays Transport and to get the old legs moving.

Struck as ever with how much potential Almerimar has, and what a shame it is such a mess at the moment. It could look so much better with a little pride, some community spirit, a little money and some leadership.

Once finished Almerimar will be a brilliant uhplace, but I can’t see that being the case for another 15 years at least so in the meantime it seems that everyone is prepared to let it just fall further and further into a mess.

Anyway cobwebs blown away it seems that it has been relatively bust news wise while I was away:

Both the Balerma and Lakes Are beaches gained their Q quality certificates at the FITUR Madrid tourism fair.

The parents of the kids at the new school in Almerimar have been protesting about the lack of sports and playground facilities.

A new dog grooming salon will be opening up next door to Gula.

Ines and Juan Carlos say they have finally rented out the old El Arroz which will soon be a Pizza restaurant!

The local authorities have said that they are going to start the anti mosquito spraying two months earlier this year.

Have had a request come in for the loan of a walking frame, so if you have one knocking about let me know.

6 youths from El Ejido have been arrested over the murder of a Moroccan drug dealer recently found dead and buried on the beach by the old camp site.

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