That Time Of Day

December 4th, 2012 - Chris Marshall
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5.30pm and the sun is still shining here in Almerimar. It was warm enough to have lunch out on the balcony with Sands and the cats, and have just spent a couple of hours up on the roof working on a secure kennel area, and I actual broke into a sweat – well twice if you count the time I hit my thumb with the hammer!

Have given up on the kennel area for the day as no way would I get it done before it goes dark so will have to finish it off in the morning.

Problem is that this is the time of day that I most enjoy popping out for a drink these days, but understandably the options are limited at this time of day: very few places are actual open, and if they are the chances of getting tapas is very slim.

Only one thing for it then: glass of red and some cheese and olives on the balcony!

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