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December 3rd, 2012 - Chris Marshall
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So they are out of their blocks with the first to declare their New Years Eve menu being Chiringuito Franc (good food as you would expect with Juan in the kitchen, good decor but still a bus stop at the end of a car park!).

They are charging 70€ for 6 course meal to include drinks until midnight (which isn’t that long since they aren’t starting until 9.30pm) after which you pay for your spirits.

Now for sake of argument let’s say that you stay until 3am which is pretty early and drink 1.5 spirits an hour which honestly isn’t that much. At 5€ a spirit that would be a total of 92.50€ per person.

Get into the swing of things with the DJ, have a few extra drinks and you are looking at 200€ for a couple.

Maybe it is just me but that does seem a lot to spend? Am not saying that it isn’t ‘good value’ and I suspect that this will be the price point in Almerimar this year as without any question the Spanish bar and restaurant owners communicate about these things.

The alternative? Spread it around a little, wander from one bar to another, do what the Spanish do – a meal at home and then wander out around 1pm for 4 or 5 hours drinking and chatting with friends.

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