Killing London’s Foxes Isn’t a Solution

March 7th, 2013 - Chris Marshall
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A four-week old baby had his finger bitten off by an fox who wandered through an open door into his London home. The incident was obviously a horrible tragedy for the boy and his family.

But Mayor Boris Johnson’s reaction to the attack is completely unacceptable: He’s suggested a massive cull of urban foxes.

Scientists, animal control workers, shooters, politicians and more than 1,000 Care2 members — representing all possible levels of support for protecting urban foxes — have argued that a cull is not a smart response. Not only would it be incredibly expensive, there’s little chance that it could actually work. Coming up with safe and targeted ways to kill just foxes would be difficult on its own, but near impossible so long as sympathizers of these furry creatures continue to feed them in their gardens.

This recent fox attack is awful, but this single incident isn’t enough to warrant the killing of thousands of foxes that call London home, most of which are docile and timid around humans.

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