Dogs trafficked in ‘large numbers’, say animal charities

December 4th, 2012 - Chris Marshall
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Disturbing article on the BBC site recently claiming that up to 1,000 dogs are being trafficked into Britain each week from unlicensed Irish puppy farms, according to the Irish Animal Welfare Charity.

Many dogs are bred in conditions that fail basic welfare standards and are infected with parasites and disease.

The UK Border Agency says it informs animal agencies when animals are discovered during routine checks.

Authorities in the Irish Republic believe recent finds are evidence of organised puppy smuggling schemes, involving dogs thought to be destined for the UK.

In October, 36 puppies packed into cardboard boxes were found in the back of two vans in Dublin – they were suffering from mange, ear mites, fleas, eye infections and parasitic infections.

Two days later, another 56 puppies were seized by Irish police at Dublin Port and a further 26 dogs were discovered in the back of a horse box in Tipperary.

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