China: Step Up to Save the Pangolin!

February 1st, 2013 - Chris Marshall
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Pangolins are unique creatures whose sole method of defense is to roll into a ball — they don’t even have teeth! But thanks to increased poaching in their native Asia, the rare pangolin may soon be driven extinct.

The pangolin, also known as the “scaly anteater,” is a shy animal native to Asia and Africa that primarily eats ants. But thanks to their unique appearance, they’re often the target of brutal, devastating poaching efforts.

Many Chinese people regard pangolin meat as a delicacy, so Chinese chefs will often go to great lengths to take the animals from the wild. But the horror doesn’t end once they’re captured — chefs then keep them alive in cages and then hammer them unconscious until their throats can be cut. It’s a brutal, slow death for one of the rarest mammals in the world, and it has to be stopped today.

Thanks to poachers and deforestation, the pangolin is rapidly disappearing from the world. But it’s not too late. Care2 member Tom B. started a petition with us asking China to step up in its protection efforts for the pangolin — will you join him?

Ask the Chinese government to crack down on pangolin poaching before the animals go extinct forever. Sign here

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