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October 19th, 2012 - Chris Marshall
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Over the years we have had some great sponsors, covering the blog, columns in local and national papers, radio segments, and more recently we have been fortunate to get some sponsors for our ALStrays Re-homing and Transport Project, including Stoke on Trent based Central Contracts.

One way in which they sponsor us is by making a contribution towards our costs for every Facebook ‘Like’ we generate for them, so if you are on Facebook and haven’t already please consider heading over and showing their page some love.

I have to say though that they have surpassed even my wildest hopes with their latest support! We have decided to increase our capacity and the frequency of transports to cover more European countries more regularly. Lots involved but both Sands and I are determined to make what difference we can to the abandoned, abused and rescued cats and dogs throughout Spain. Lots involved, but a new, larger van is required.

You wouldn’t know there is a recession on if you are trying to buy a van, either here in Spain or the UK. Pretty much everything has to be a factory order with a three month waiting list.

That is until Marc Hallsworth, Sales Director at Central Contracts who has just spent four days sourcing the perfect van for us, and at a price that I am still smiling at!

So if you are in the UK and looking for a car (or van) I would suggest that you would do well to give them a call: 0800 567 0121.

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