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Almerimar Weekly Snippets

April 9th, 2015

Newsletter service no longer active. 09:16:58, 2015-04-08

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

April 2nd, 2015

Thank you and goodnight.. 06:57:26, 2015-03-29

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

March 26th, 2015

Little cloudy, but dry and no wind, although not exactly warm first thing!!! 09:43:29, 2015-03-25 Getting Windy again 11:42:25, 2015-03-24 Heavy rain overnight, but dry now although tad wet underfoot still 11:01:11, 2015-03-24 Wind is picking up. 19:54:36, 2015-03-23 Pleasant start to the week. 10:26:37, 2015-03-23 Raining again. Not heavy, a steady drizzle. 09:19:09, 2015-03-21 […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

March 19th, 2015

Full Solar Eclipse tomorrow between 9am and 11.30am (so doubt many will see it). Could be interesting. 23:58:01, 2015-03-19 Starting to blow hard. Could be a windy old night with heavy rain forecast tomorrow. 23:24:32, 2015-03-19 Much better weather today 10:05:53, 2015-03-19 Raining 12:24:24, 2015-03-18 Bit damp under foot first thing. 09:59:46, 2015-03-18 Bit blowy […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

March 12th, 2015

Just got very foggy. 18:56:11, 2015-03-12 Misty and damp first thing!!! 09:21:46, 2015-03-12 Bricomart have a LOT of attractive ladies working there, wonder why???? 14:59:51, 2015-03-11 Another lovely morning. Wonder how many will be out enjoying the weather this morning when I walk the dogs? 10:32:36, 2015-03-11 Spanish IHT Equality: Wonder how many people noted […]

Spanish IHT Equality

March 11th, 2015

Wonder how many people noted that the European Court of Justice ruled last September that Spain have been acting illegally by charging non-resident beneficiaries more inheritance tax (IHT) on their estate than a Spanish Resident would have been charged. In their view their behavior was contrary to the EU’s non-discrimination treaty provisions. As a result […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

March 5th, 2015

Quiet week, but heading into a busy weekend celebrating my fathers 80th birthday. Hope the weather improves as a bit dull and cloudy now. 09:08:18, 2015-03-05

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

February 26th, 2015

Avante next to Puzzi ready to open soon. Fish and fresh fish to take home and ….. Churras!!!! 12:20:40, 2015-02-26 Another beautiful day! 09:30:00, 2015-02-26 Has been a while but what a beautiful day! 11:19:56, 2015-02-24 Much better weather this morning. Popped out to two regular places last night. Both busy but everywhere else seemed […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

February 19th, 2015

Much better weather today but still windy, cloudy and a tad chilly. 20:52:11, 2015-02-19 I predict a riot!!! Jungle drums beating "time to change" drums. 10:57:03, 2015-02-19 Another windy night. Blowing hard. Has been from Levante last couple days which is a change! 03:55:27, 2015-02-19 Windy but dry ….. and cold! 09:26:21, 2015-02-18 Rain Rain […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

February 12th, 2015

Reminder this morning as to why it really isn't a good idea to order a Full English anywhere other than known cafes in the UK 17:59:13, 2015-02-12 Still wet and miserable. Forecast is firth next two days although it is raining less now and brighter to the East. 10:39:05, 2015-02-12 Raining. 08:20:38, 2015-02-12 The old […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

February 5th, 2015

Same old. Same old. 27 Airports due to strike this summer. 23:33:32, 2015-02-05 Stumble Inn "owner" taking over old Le Mulero and running as a Spanish Bar. Or go to a genuine Spanish Bar run by Spanish people? 22:30:32, 2015-02-04 Resurfacing road up to DBar 20:25:03, 2015-02-04 Heh Ho wind picking up again 12:56:17, 2015-02-04 […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

January 29th, 2015

Hmmm no sign of the strong winds people were forecasting. Not complaining 23:10:35, 2015-01-29 Wow. Quiet Sunday or what!? 18:51:20, 2015-01-25 Little chilly, but no wind, dry and it is early so should turn into a nice day! 09:15:02, 2015-01-23

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

January 22nd, 2015

Wind has gone. Sun is out. Blue sky. Normal service has resumed. 13:13:25, 2015-01-22 @darrowuk No, a Nurse friend emailed the update but not the memo they had received. in reply to DarrowUK 12:30:19, 2015-01-22 @darrowuk number of people have received a circular which seems to be a general security alert saying that shopping malls […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

January 15th, 2015

Wind has certainly picked up, and it is pretty chilly this evening. 21:14:51, 2015-01-15 The 'Easy English' language school is opening soon (near Marios Bar). Not sure if it for expats or Spanish though 13:55:27, 2015-01-15 They have started work on the new tourist office http://t.co/NKoQ68Jqlo, maybe they should start working on attracting more tourists […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

January 8th, 2015

Actually has been a little colder today, but still warm enough for the time of year. 18:04:29, 2015-01-08 Cloudy and chilly first thing but normal service has been resumed and it is a lovely day again. 13:09:58, 2015-01-06 Groundhog Day as far as the weather concerned. Is great when so consistent. Generally quiet as Spanish […]

Almerimar Weekly Snippets

January 1st, 2015

Has been a cold windy New Years Day. Was an extremely quiet New Years Eve. 19:47:44, 2015-01-01 Lot of people cancelling plans and staying in because of the bug that is going around. 19:13:30, 2014-12-31 Another cold start to the day, but the sun is heating up and it is going to be another lovely […]