About Almerimar Life

Almerimar Life is a privately run, commercial, site that combines a personal blog with a community forum and a expat news services.

The blog is a purely personal perspective on living our life as an expat here in Almerimar. It is intended to share the experience of moving to and living in another country. As we learn more about our adopted countries cultures and traditions we hope to share them with you and in some small way educate you and maybe help you understand more about the lifestyle of an expat here in Spain.

Please note it is very much our blog based on our life in Spain. The fact that we live in Almerimar means we cover what happens here in some detail but it is NOT blog about Almerimar. As our life twists and turns along lifes highway then so the blog will reflect those changes.

The reviews and opinions are ours and ours alone. From time to time we may invite a guest contributor to make a post, but we will clearly identify when that is the case.

Of course the comments left on the site, both the blog and the Forum, are nothing to do with us. We try to moderate them, but believe totally in the right for people to express an opinion. Please try and respect others when you make a comment. Constructive comment and debate is one of the joys of a blog so please don’t abuse it and spoil it for others.

The forum is 100% a community feature. We are hosting and moderating it, thanks to some great support from people, and we participate in it as much as possible. There is no cost at all for getting involved in the forum so if you have a product to sell then list it for free, if you have an event to promote then list it for free, if you have a service to offer then list it for free.

The news feeds are taken from around the web. We try and capture as many sites that discuss Almerimar, Almería, El Ejido, Expat Life etc as possible so that you can use this site as a ‘one stop shop’ for all your local, Spanish and Expat news. If you come across a site that you think our readers will be interested in then please let us know.


Participation in the site is free and open to all. On the blog anybody can leave a comment and so long as it is relevant to the post content we are very lenient towards the promotion of your goods and services via links left in the comment. The Forum is a great place to promote your goods and services for free, or your special menu or event. Keep it legal, keep it polite and you wont have any problems. And just to be absolutely clear about this, we have no problem with people offering services that compete with any that we may offer ourselves, so don’t worry that you will be excluded if you are in a similar line of business.

As you would expect there are a number of ways in which you may want to use the site that will cost you money:

Forum Posting: you can post for free as previously mentioned, but if for whatever reason this isn’t something that you want to do we will post your details for you. This carries a flat fee of 5€ per post. So if you have an item to sell, a event to promote, or a menu to publicise for example then get the details to us and your payment of 5€ and we will happily add the information that same day. If you have an ongoing event and want to discuss a ongoing commercial relationship then please contact us to discuss. If you have difficulty setting yourself up on the Forum then we will do this for you of course, although it means that the IP address for your account will be ours and not yours, which may well confuse a few people. We are happy enough with this initially for a small number of users, but clearly not in the longer term.

Sponsorship: There are a limited number of sponsorship spots available. I wouldn’t say they are by ‘invite only’, but as the site has a much wider audience than residents of Almerimar, and given the cost of sponsoring the site I imagine that most of the sponsors will be larger companies that operate throughout Spain. If you want to prove me wrong or discuss any aspect of sponsoring the site please contact me.

Advertising: There are unlimited advertising slots on the site as all the advertising slots randomly display all the adverts, so everybody gets the same coverage throughout the site. Advertising is for a minimum period of a year and costs 240€ per annum. The banner will link through to your web site or featured page on the site (see below). You need to provide us with the banner and payment in advance. If you don’t have a banner then we can create one for you for 75€. As an advertiser we will happily post your updates on the Forum for free, under your user details and logo. We must receive the information from you directly though! If you have a Facebook page or profile that you want promoting then we will promote that in the sidebar section for 60€ a year.

Featured Page: we have a service that is excellent for people that don’t have or don’t want to have a web site. With a web site you are always going to have the issues of hosting, designing, adding content, updating, modifying etc. For 250€ we will provide a dedicated page on the site e.g. http://almerimarlife.com/yourname and will add your business details, information on what you do e.g. your menu, products and services etc., a video of your business, photographs of your business and details on how to find and contact you. In effect a mini web site here on our site. If you have your own domain name you will be able to forward it t o this unique page, so in effect you do not need a web site of your own. We will produce this page in Spanish and English for you.

Featured Events: We will happily promote any event for you in the Advertiser & Featured Events section but it will cost you 20€. We look at it this way, the site is a commercial venture, your business is a commercial venture and you are holding your event to make money. If it isn’t worth spending money on to promote, then it certainly isn’t worth spending our time promoting it for free. For 20€ you get a poster on the site, details on the events page and an update sent out to Twitter and Facebook.