Is a house exchange the perfect compromise for expats?

November 19th, 2012 - Featured Post
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Although life is good for many expats living in Spain, there are certain times of the year when you might prefer to be back at home in the UK.

There are so many occasions which can make you tempted to book a flight home, for example, the birth of a child in the family, a close friend’s wedding or a milestone birthday party.

And, of course, with Christmas just around the corner, more expats will be thinking about spending the season with friends and family in the UK.

Travel costs

But the cost of flights and finding a place to stay can add up, especially for those who are living on a pension or who are experiencing limited income due to the economic difficulties in Spain.

There are always friends and family members who are willing to put you up, but the stresses and strains of Christmas, with so much preparation needed for each meal and event, can make the closest of relationships start to fray before the roast turkey is even finished.

Use your assets

A great alternative, for expats who want to have a traditional Christmas, is signing up for a home swap scheme. Websites such as Love Home Swap allow you to create a profile of your home and then browse through other people’s profiles until you find a home you would like to swap with.


What are the benefits?

House swaps might sound like a good idea, but how could they help you?

Find somewhere comfortable and welcoming

When you decide on a home which looks suitable for you, you speak to the owners over Skype to agree dates and other arrangements, such as picking up the keys. They can even give you a video tour of their home so you know what to expect when you arrive.

If you take a home swap, you can spend as much time as you want with family and friends, but then you’ll have somewhere comfortable to return to so you never outstay your welcome.

Make the most of your home, rather than leaving it empty

One of the advantages of doing a seasonal home exchange when you live in Spain is that your home is bound to be desirable to Brits looking for a bit of Christmas sunshine. Areas of Spain such as Almerimar are in demand for their proximity to the sea and convenient amenities for holiday-makers.

Plus, you know that your home is being looked after while you’re away and won’t be vulnerable to burglaries by standing obviously empty.

Save on costs

Joining fees vary between house swap sites but they always come in below the hundreds which you could spend on a hotel or B&B at Christmas. You’ll have plenty of change left over to stock up on presents for friends and family.


House swapping is a great option for expats at any time of the year, but as Christmas approaches it’s something well worth considering. Your home could be very desirable for a family or couple who want a last minute break in the sun.

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